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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

In Celebration of April Fool's Day

It seems that we are either the ones doing the fooling, or we're the ones getting fooled. And each year on April Fool's Day, those getting tricked may not always have as much fun as the ones dispensing the tricks.

For the most part, the pranks played on April Fool's Day are harmless and some have even become famous. For instance, in 1957 the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) released a film clip on April 1st called the Great Spaghetti Harvest. This brief but intricate April Fool's spoof convinced many watchers that spaghetti grows on trees and that Switzerland was enjoying an amazing bumper crop of spaghetti that year.

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Though BBC chose film as the medium in which to play their trick, others can pull pranks on their family members and coworkers in less elaborate, but equally effective ways. For example, there is always the good old fashioned Whoopee Cushion or the fake Winning Scratch & Win Lottery Tickets to get a rise out of one's victims.

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Another interesting prank is one pulled by toy company Hot Wheels: who one year released an April 1st advertisement to sell a product called The Invisible Jet. In the comic book world, this jet was used by Wonder Woman and was created by William Moulton Marston as an allegory on the tendencies used by females, to navigate the patriarchal environment in which they worked.

Though The Invisible Jet was a very real concept at the time, the one advertised by Hot Wheels on April Fool's Day was just a prank – the end product turned out to be nothing but empty toy packaging sporting the Hot Wheels logo, a graphic of Wonder Woman, and no enclosed toy. Most consumers caught on to the joke quickly enough. Some were even lulled into the seemingly clever pull marketing strategy and went on to try and purchase a copy of The Invisible Jet. In the end, demands for the toy were so great that Hot Wheels decided to manufacture a real version of The Invisible Jet and copies of it can be found for purchase on Amazon.

Whether you're looking for ideas on what kind of devious pranks you can play this year, or you're wanting to forearm yourself with the possible ways you might get fooled, hop on over to Amazon for some stimulating prank gifts for April Fool's Day.

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