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Miles Apartheid

A Brief Discussion on the Ending of Apartheid

Some may call it unscrupulous. Others may call it a generous gesture of empathy and acknowledgement to equality across divisions of ethnicity, language and religious beliefs. On March 17 of 1992, an elite group of white and privileged people cast their vote to abolish the oppression over a population consisting largely of non-white people.

Our historical timeline is often shaped by the perspectives of our Western Culture. It is perhaps for that reason that Frederik Willem de Klerk, a white South African leader (at the time), holds a permanent record in history and takes credit for a referendum resulting in the ending of white minority rule over a largely non-white population. Good on him.

There are countless unseen and undocumented efforts of an oppressed populous to reverse dismantle Apartheid. They deserve credit as well.

"He who leverages opportunity for personal gain has honed his skill with a Machiavellian toolbox. "

I invite you to join us in celebrating March 17, 1992 as a point in history where, finally, a majority segment gets a majority vote.

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