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Coming out of Hiding: The Nestlé L'Atelier Dark Chocolate Bar

L'Atelier Dark Chocolate Blueberry Nut Bar

Its product slogan is “Authenticity Has Nothing to Hide” and Nestlé welcomes the scrutiny of consumers by exposing its contents bare. A brief glance of the bar reveals a decadent array of ingredients which include blueberries, almonds and hazelnuts, all nestled in layers of chocolate containing no less than 45% cocoa.

The L'Atelier Dark Chocolate Blueberry Nut Bar is a premium product and is sealed in a layer of foil. When unwrapping the bar, Nostalgics may experience anticipation, as though feeling that a prize awaits within. For me, unveiling of the bar triggers memories of that pivotal film scene when Charlie unwraps his Wonka Bar and discovers the Golden Ticket for gaining entry into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

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The L'Atelier Dark Chocolate Blueberry Nut Bar that I sampled was full sized and weighed in at 100 grams. My first bite introduced me to the authentic, slightly bitter taste of cocoa. The treat was very rich and there was a satisfying crunch to every bite. Indeed, only mere bites of the treat were required for satiety and I, just like Charlie, gleefully re-wrapped the uneaten portions for future rendezvous sessions with this delightful treat.

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