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Accepting Taps and Change

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign in nearing the November 22nd launch date of its annual fundraising campaign and until December 24th, The Salvation Army will keep its 2,000 kettles in place at strategic locations across Canada.

The Salvation Army invites donors to help support its efforts in bringing service to 1.9 million Canadians who live in poverty each year. The Kettle Campaign has traditionally relied on the donations of spare change and bill notes from shoppers and other passers-by. However, the daily use of cash and coin has been on the decline for years, which translates to fewer people carrying money in their wallets. And this, in turn, translates to fewer donations at the kettles.

Charities and developers of technology have worked hard to reverse this downward trend of cash donations and the COVID Pandemic has no doubt accelerated their need to provide touchless giving options to donors. While the kettles proceed with their traditional ways of accepting money, they now use technology to expand their reach. As of December 2020, the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign has partnered with tiptap and Rogers to accept cashless donations.

Tiptap is a Canadian company that specializes in the development of portable point-of-sale units and allows each donor a quick and easy way to tap-and-pay using their credit cards, debit cards or mobile wallets. The anonymous donations are then encrypted and processed using a dedicated wireless LTE network, powered by Rogers.


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With five weeks to go, there is plenty of time to finish up your Christmas Shopping and if you hear bells ringing, be sure to follow the sound to its source. In all likelihood you will encounter a Salvation Army Christmas Kettle in your vicinity. If you wish to give a small donation but don't have any change or cash available, you might want to consider swiping your card, phone or watch over the tiptap unit and by utilizing the power of Rogers to help those in need.

The Salvation Army relies on the help of volunteers to make it's annual Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign a success. It is putting out a call for community members to contact them to make volunteer arrangements.

Originally published: December 24, 2020

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