The Buzz About Bees (and why it matters)

Updated: May 26

According to the Bees Matter website, one in three bites of food that we take is made possible by bees, and this reflects just how essential these marvelous insects are to our ecosystem.

Pollinators such as Honey Bees use the process of pollination to help reproduce plants and to grow our food. Thus, every effort should be made to create a nurturing habitat for them. We can do this by growing wildflowers and providing bees with the food they need to maintain their hives.

In early 2021, Bees Matter gave out free samples of wildflowers seeds so that people could grow their own "bee-friendly habitat." Each seed packet contained the following:

  • Lance-leaved Coreopsis

  • New England Aster

  • Dense Blazing Star

  • Golden Tickseed

  • Sneezeweed

OnTopic first planted its seed samples on April 5th. It took several weeks for the seeds to germinate and start growing. However, as of May 23rd, it has become evident that we need to either transfer the flowers to a new pot, or transplant them into the ground.

We look forward to posting more updates as the seedlings continue to grow.

To purchase your own wildflower seeds, we recommend the following Amazon Item:

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