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World Tuberculosis Day

End TB

On March 24, 1882, Dr. Robert Koch, a German physician and micro biologist, announced that he had discovered the cause of Tuberculosis. In 1982, exactly 100 years later, the World Health Organization commemorated this event by making March 24th a global and annual event and calling it World Tuberculosis Day.

Tuberculosis still affects us today and as of October, 2020, it is estimated that 25% of the world's population is infected with tuberculosis bacteria; However, only a fraction of those infected will become ill with TB.

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Tuberculosis bears an uncanny resemblance to those of COVID, in both the way it is passed on to other people, and in the way its symptoms manifest. For instance, much like with our current Pandemic, TB bacteria can be spread through the air. Therefore, if an infected person coughs, speaks, or sings, the TB bacteria can be transmitted to people nearby, who are sharing the same air space.

Also much like COVID, symptoms of TB can include:

  • persistent cough

  • fatigue

  • fever

  • chest pain

  • breathlessness

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